Appointments of

Navin-Chandra Naidu, LL.M, UK, LL.D USA


  1. Chief Justice, Royal Kayan Kingdom and Sovereign Government of Royal Borneo Nations (2/9/10)
  2. Chief Politiical & Legal Advisor, Royal Lao Government in Exile (1/21/12)
  3. Senior Judge Advisor/Advocate/Mentor, Hawaiian Kingdom Government (4/30/12)
  4. Chief Justice, Traditional Court of the Cheyenne Nation (4/13/13)
  5. Chief Justice and Ambassador to the UN, Mund Bareefan Clan Yamassee Native American Association of Nations (11/16/13)
  6. Chief Justice, Kingdom of Waa-Wurrung, VIC Australia (8/9/14)
  7. Chief Judge/Mentor, Akiachak Native Community, Alaska (4/16/15)
  8. Chief Justice, Maka Nation, M.R. Alononso, Paraguay (6/16/15)
  9. Chief Justice, Ava Ava Guarani. Distrito Curuguaty, Asuncion, Paraguay (6/16/15)
  10. Tribal Corporation Standing for the Native American Law and Justice Center (Sep 9, 2010)
  11. MBCGY-IAAN Chief Justice Silver Cloud Musafir Letter of Good Standing (Jan 10, 2013)
  12. Letter to Justice Naidu (A K Ganguli - (Aug 12, 2008)
  13. Certificate of Degree of Doctor of Indigenous Tribal Government Law - Navin Chandra Naidu (Jan 10, 2013)
  15. ROYAL CHARTER - Her Royal Majesty, Queen Mahealani (May 18, 2016)
  16. Letter of Appointment as Chief Tribal Supreme Court Justice of - Navin-Chandra Naidu, by Mennefer Tanasi (W0B) Native American Tribe - (Jul 29, 2015)
  17. Letter of Appointment as Interim Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador to the Government of Malaysia and Other Nations by the National Sovereign State of Borinken. (Formerly, Puerto Rico)- (UPDATED December 8,2016)



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