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...Screamed a page 15 headline in Sunday’s The Seattle Times. I was shaking uncontrollably with laughter that I did not need a spoon to stir my sugar in my morning chai tea.

Get this, the United States is hosting a global summit on the economy chaired and convened by Bush 43. He and his government did nothing to stop the greed and uncontrollable frenzy in Wall Street to make money at the expense of the investors, but now intends to host a summit! And I am NOT talking about the fat cat investors. I am referring to the middle-class taxpayers who invested in their future for themselves and their children by buying homes, so that some day these homes could be their nest eggs.

Instead of freezing interest rates for five years so that these middle-class investors could get back on their feet, the politicians and the boringly misguided media talk about the "what" instead of the "how". The mortgage crisis precipitated because homeowners were unable to meet the uncontrollably escalating interest rates. And these darn interest rates keep on increasing so that the fat cats can get fatter. That is the nature of this beast. Usury is forbidden in the Holy Bible and other Scriptures. Profit is not !! There are other ways to make a profit. Charging interest is crass and immoral.

What does the government do to freeze the interest rates? NOTHING. Instead, it wants to host a summit! Unbelievable! “Congress has the power to regulate commerce” proclaims Article 1, section 8, clause 3, and yet nothing is done !! Maybe "regulate" also means the ability, or proclivity, to do nothing. I can regulate by keeping both eyes closed so that I see nothing. That is regulating, for sure. I saw nothing. See?

Curiously, on page A15 of Sunday's Seattle Times dated October 19, 2008, just below the "US TO HOST GLOBAL SUMMIT ON ECONOMY", there is another headline, which ranted...


The question is: why didn’t you keep both eyes wide open on Wall Street shenanigans when you were not assailed by cutbacks? The same article says that "since 2004, FBI officials have warned that mortgage fraud posed a looming threat" and that their frequent requests for an increased budget were denied by the administration. Well, didn’t they know that Bush 43 was busy circumventing laws to justify his warrantless wiretaps. The fact remains that the pre-eminent investigative body of America knew about the mortgage fraud. They did nothing because of budget constraints.

The Wall Street pile-up is predictable when we have the double entry fractionalized banking system at work feverishly 24-hours a day every day. Stocks, bonds, options and futures undergo the usual wheeling and dealing manouvres with the never tiring frequency of an atomic clock.

When laws, rules and regulations are ignored as if they are irrelevant, the government of the day becomes an unnecessary evil. This Wall Street thing is like a satanic rite. The players enjoy it like there is a tomorrow only for them at the expense of the tax-payers.

When will the people awaken? May be they will not because they like the sleep of ignorance where dreams are aplenty.


DREAM is not what you see when you are asleep.
It is THE thing that keeps you from sleeping.

Judge Naidu


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"Why do you call me 'Lord, Lord' and do not do what I say?" - Jesus, Luke 6:46

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